Last night. I saw you. Old. Ethereal. Beautiful. Glowing. The future. Was. Exactly. As I envisaged. You. Me. Laughing. Crying. Bickering. Sulking. Always wanting. To stay away. Yet. Never a moment. Not together. The elusive. Road trip. Like our life together. An endless drive. Through every terrain. We arrive. Slightly scathed. But refreshed. Each time. Always ready. To repair. To start afresh. Many journeys. Many vehicles. The same passengers. With knowledge. Experience. Yet amazement. At the discovery. Of new horizons. Within each other. Exploring. Our hidden paths. Many truths. Lesser lies. Our inner desires. Our journey. Will continue. Forever. Together.

Author: Hansal Mehta

Rants, Recipes, Writings, Films etc...

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