A Deep, Dark Mind…


Hope is an insect. Flies around you. Can infect you. You can chase it. And not catch it. It promises fulfilment. Delivers disappointment. It keeps you alive. Eventually kills you. Stretches relationships. Promises good sex. Delivers no sex. It hides behind her gown. Beneath her undergarments. Inhabits the lazy mind. Promises heaven. Delivers hell. Hope is an insect.




Oblivion is a bad habit. No pressure. No compulsion. No confusion. Pleasant inertia. Oblivion or money. One of them is more important. Than the other. Need to give up one. For the other. I am unsure. I like oblivion. It is easy. It is a choice. I hate money. I need it. I cannot live without it. It is elusive. And I have to give up my oblivion. For money.




3 thoughts on “A Deep, Dark Mind…”

  1. thank you. for sharing. the pain. the joy. the mundane. the passion. the filth. the beauty. the madness . the simplicity. of being…

    I hope and wish that you will succeed in bringing to your cinema the honesty, truth and irony of your writings!!

    “If the fool persists in his folly he might become wise.” — William Blake

    Be. the eternal. fool


  2. If being tall is being splendid,

    You loom large in your largesse.

    Rise high and bold. Covered in gleaming

    Gold and green, rock brown.

    Mighty and majestic, standing tall,

    You are the Himalayas! Rock strong,

    A blanket of silvered mist covers

    Your summits, your rocky life between.


  3. Then undulate with easy, wave like rhythms,

    Dance like the burning thunders of a jealous

    God come alive. Tower over the Tsangpo gorge,

    Drop, drop down in sheer delight.

    Falling down, down, until you shiver

    Garnished in multi costumed finery,

    Rendered raw, changing with the dark

    Rawness of the curious moon.

    Between the tall spear piercing the sky

    And the sheer drop, down into the river

    Rests a vastness. Human imagination floats

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