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Film-maker, Entrepreneur, Foodie, Traveller, Whisky and Wine Lover, Father, Lover, Humanist, Stupid Romantic, Politically Incorrect, Socially Inept, Largely Cynical.

hansal mehta


    • Jayate… (1999)
    • Dil Pe Mat Le Yaar (2000)
    • Chhal (2002)
    • Yeh Kya Ho Raha Hai (2002)
    • Raakh (Unreleased)
    • Anjaan (Unreleased)
    • Dus Kahaniyaan (2007)
    • Woodstock Villa (2008)
    • Shahid (2013)
    • Citylights (2014)


  • Khana Khazana, 1993 – 2000
  • Amrita (Love Stories), 1994
  • Highway(Love Stories), 1995
  • Yaadein (Love Stories), 1995
  • Kalakaar, 1996
  • Lakshya, 1999
  • Dooriyan (Rishtey), 1999
  • Kinaara (Rishtey), 1999
  • Ae Mote (Rishtey), 1999
  • Is Saal(Rishtey), 1999
  • Neeti (Star Bestsellers), 1999
  • Family Business, 2005


69 thoughts on “I, Me, Myself”

  1. Hi Hansal,
    How are you? We heard you made fantastic Biryani on Eid. 🙂
    I tried locating your email address on your blog, but couldn’t. I was wondering whether you would be interested in an email interview on your food blog. Please let me know. Then I could send you an email questionnaire on your email address provided by you.

    With warm regards,

      1. Haii sir ,i want give audition for your upcoming movie, so can i get details about audition, or your office address.

  2. why people say

    I don’t have to use glycerin for my shots.
    It (bollywood) happened to me…
    i don’t know what would I would have been be if I had not been an actor (only kids of stars). The other lowly creatures know for sure they have to do something to eat.

    I am low of alcohol and also sleepy so will not add more.

  3. I also laugh at stories where people want to relive their life to become young again and to rectify their mistakes. Making a mistake to correct a mistake

  4. Hi Hansal,
    The day I read about the life of Shahid, it changed my life. The Quran says that Shaheeds never die, they are alive. And I find that so true with Shahid Azmi. Thanks for giving life to Shahid’s struggle.

    Appreciate your guts.

    Asim Khan

  5. Dear Hansal ji,
    I am a big fan of yours..Chhal remains one of the best piece of CINEMA I have seen.I am passionate about cinema.Acting and story-telling is what interests me.
    Will love to work with you as your assistant and learn the craft of Cinema making.


  6. sir, my name is Trafdar Zaman, iam 25 year old. based in New Delhi. sir, i would like to do internship under you. iam post gradution in psychology ( Jamia millian islamia ) and had one year experience in ndtv news channel as researcher. i would to be your student and would feel privileged if u teach me few tips of movie direction. i hope you take my request sympathetically ~ warm regards.

    Trafdar zaman – 08750474519 ( mobile number )

    trafdar@live.in ( e-mail )

  7. Hi Hansal,
    You have made a great film “SHAHID.” It is very brave , honest and eye opening film….Great job…!!!Keep it up…!!!! Please show this film at each and every part of the world..Shahid’s voice has to reach every where …Thanks a lot for making this film….!!

    1. I just like the helpful information you supply in your articles.

      I will bookmark your weblog and take a look at again here regularly.

      I’m slightly certain I’ll learn many new stuff proper right here!
      Best of luck for the next!

  8. Hlo, Mr Hansal mehta ,
    I have gone through your profile,it is good,we are in the business of line production & having good locations in North India & Nepal.I need your contact No.so that i can brief you about our company profile,it will be easy to make you understand that what I m looking for.you either you mail me or contact me on my contact No.-09716482627

  9. hey sir,
    there is another good story of two family war going from a decade in a village UP.. they r farmers but turn as gangs when it take actions… lot of people have dies in this war.. they live in same village and open firing was a common issue in a time…. the village culutre is of near agra (as shown in paan singh tomar). and a lot to be come out of it….. i have proper newspaper cuttings to prove the story… kindly response on this sir…
    9557184787, 7718088009

  10. I have seen “Chhal” & “dil pe mat le yaar” & now watched “shahid” yesterday, good to see that the film did not create any controversy(highly surprising).A good piece of bio pic, it was.Would love to see u make another bio pic on the forgotten legend-dhyan chand. As tigmanshu dhulia, once rightly said-The industry should make more bio pics,India has many stories.

  11. Just read abt great mathematician vashishtha narayan singh.gr8 mathematician left to fend for himself until a few months back when he was made visiting faculty.

  12. Dear Hansal

    I have just completed watching Shahid and no matter how well the screenplay or the casting or the direction have panned out for it, I think its wrong to use adjectives like good or beautiful for this movie. I will put it this way, what you have portrayed in those few hours, made me feel really sad about what happened to Shahid in a country that I otherwise considered to be free and unbound. I think Shahid is a movie that our country needs. When Shahids do not find their voice through the so called free and unbiased mass communication media, filmmakers like you do a job tad beyond making a nicely crafted film. This I consider as nation building via film-making.

  13. sir,
    i seen your film shahid and i loved the film very much.
    I came to know about the person shahid azmi after watching your movie.
    I wonder how many more people in the history of india, who made their life to make better society to live.
    I am greatful for you to take risk and make this kind of movie. I read your interview how you gone through to get producers and distributors to make this film.
    I did not liked your earlier films but this one is truly amazing movie.
    I become fan of your and i hope you will make better films than shahid in coming years.

  14. Hello Sir
    thanks for very important information about Hansal Mehta .this artical is very nice . sir please tell me Hansal Mehta next movie information . I am fan Hansal Mehta .
    Sir again thanks

  15. Congrats on your national award. Although I do support Modi and hope BJP win, atleast you were honest in our opinion for asking people to not vote for Modi on TimesNow. Good luck for future projects.

  16. sir i m great fan of shahid.. great movie. I am a engineer bt find every thing really boring..with machine..thank god we have entrtainer like u..

  17. Hello sir.
    Met you at the park hotel delhi yesterday.
    We shared a smoke together.
    However did not realize you had made some great films.
    Should confess I was a bit high on weed then.
    Well I had heard great stuff about shahid from friends.
    And wanted to convey that message and I will also be watching it soon.

    Also during college I did enjoy watching ye kya ho raha hai. Though not one of my super favorite films.

    But looking forward to watch shahid and city lights.
    Keep making films sir.
    We all love watching stories

    Rakesh gusain

  18. Sir, i am 19yr 7 month old and i want to give an acting audition under you for any of your upcoming projects…. Sir please consider me….. If you or any of your assistant visits your site then please inform me…

  19. i read in toi that u r disappointed from modi’s victory my suggestion it is better for u comit suici……..you better no what i mean

    1. I think its hansal’s publicity stunt. Everyone can be famous by taking MODI JI’s name in his statement…

  20. hello hansal… who r u? I neither know anything about you nor I am interested. But I heard that you r disappointed with MODI’s historic victory in general elections-2014. Please note that you and people like you are made to be disappointed… for lifetime. Our nation is suffering a lot from corruption, inflation, riots, unemployment etc and you r talking about false secularism. Shame on you…

  21. hello sir’ I-am ambuj yadav from delhi.. actor and model…
    I’m a big fan of ur work sir…really appreciable bt I request never change ur view point…sir coz ur thought process is sumthng which sumwhr really connected wid me…sir I’m nt here to butter u.. just want to discuss sumthng which is really important to me and sum1who is goin through the worst situation of his lyf…it is sumthng which made me to change my career and to challenge my self as a writer just need ur sum reviews on it…I’ll wait for ur positive rply thank u sir..

  22. Hii hansal sir i m deepak nd i m a big fan of u aftr watching shahid nd citilight….thnks to u fr giving us such a great muvies…

  23. i am not watching city lights but i am sure city lights a very good movie,because mehta sir making this movie thanks sir.and today i am watching this movie.

  24. sir, i had done BA in 3d animation and visual effects. I can make pre-vis any post production work. SIR I WANT TO ASSIST YOU. Also work as streo paint artist in titanic 3d, hansel and gretel, amazing spiderman.

  25. Respected Hansal Sir,
    This is Sudip Sarkar. I am an actor cum film script writer. I like to send you a video made by me where I have acted. Pl send your email address to me if it is convenient to you.
    Thanking you with all the good wishes and best regards.
    Awaiting for your kind reply
    Yours faithfully
    Sudip Sarkar (West Bengal)

  26. came across your profile in the week mag
    would like to know more about the incident mentioned at the very beginning of the article

  27. after watching dil pe mat le yar, shahid and citylights , i have become a big fan of u , i liked ur film making ,after hearing chaal songs i became so emotional it touched my heart and eagerly waitng to see the movie. i am not geting any vcd or in you tube.sir please tell me where i may get ur movie chaal DVD or where i can pay and watch in any of ur website please sir , i am very dissappointed as i am not able to see chaal in spite of trying for nearly 8 months.tell me where i get it , thank u sir

  28. Dear Sir,

    I watched your movie Shahid today and its a brilliantly made movie! Hats off to you for making such an amazing film!

    A speechless fan!

  29. Dear hansal sir,

    My deep intetest is to assist you as an assistant. As I very much inspired by your work from the time, i saw stories directed by you in rishtey. Plz give a chance.

    I have done little theater, tvcs, serials n documentaries as an artist.

    Ujjawal Gauraha

  30. Commendable direction for City Lights, superb sir. the movie is very well shot and executed better than Metro Manila

  31. Dear Hansalji,

    This is Nirali from Radio Mirchi, Ahmedabad. We wanted to do connect to you and take a telephonic interview. You have given support to Shweta by saying that you would offer her a film. We would want to give you a Mirchi Salute for this decision. Please let us know when and on which number can we call and take the interview.

    Nirali Machhar
    Radio Mirchi

  32. Hi
    Hansal ,

    I am Yogesh Mhaskar (worked with you on The Darmiyaan Music Video )need your mobile no as is required by Lalit Marathe for some Proffessional reasons…

    Can you help me with the same.

    Warm Regards

    Yogesh Mhaskar


  33. Liars dice was not released. The producer submitted a fake collection report. You can easily find it. FFI should pay back the entry fee to all of you

  34. Sir

    What a creater you are I will never forget your movie shahid and citilights great direction we are waiting for next .

  35. Hello sir i am a small writer and i have a story that can be a film i tried my best to sent this story to you but i coundn’t. pleas sir help me can i send story to u

  36. Hello Sir

    I am a Great Fan of your Direction your imagination about films. I am assistant Director I want to assist you in a movie. I trying many time to do this but your office team is very rude. I want to be a Director as like you. please can i assist you i am not a fresher i done 2 short movies and 1 feature film Please revert me sir.

    8097649049, 7506824838

  37. Haii sir, m shreeram , i want give audition for your upacoming film, can i get know about the audition details and your office address

  38. Hi Sir, I’m a struggling fresher, looking out for an opportunity in acting. Kindly let me know if you could guide me through.

  39. sir, i dont know what u expected from lucknow … tat u went off to bareilly ,…. even both are in UP saying tat bareilly is much more calmn thn lucknow dosnt justify ur statement anyways ….. it may be lucknow university dosnt seems to be aligarh university …. so y lucknow was involved in your statements …. it is not tat any filmn isnt directed here …

  40. City Lights is one of Best Films which i have ever seen. I cried soo many times while watching the movie. I watched it 3 consecutive time. A big salute to Mr. Hansal Mehta for making soo much sensible and wonderful movie.. A must watch movie..

  41. hello sir your film CITY LIGHTS is a very well.in this film a lot of emotions.this film shows troubles and fight of lower class.if you do not mind,i am interested to work with you.i am a Urdu short story writer and Urdu blank verse & free verse creator.i want to work with you many situations of society because i think about u that you have a pain for your country & society.give me chance to show about my writing skill.
    thank you

  42. Hansal ji,
    Namaskaar, Aap se baat karna chahtaa thaa parr yahee link khoj paiya hoon, maloom huaa Aap kangna ko Sarvjert ki bahan banana chahte ho, Hammen Sarvjeet ke Pita a ka roll deejiye,
    Hamare pass Aap ke liye bahut kuchh hai.
    9833883365/ fb – Lion Madanlal Thapar
    1947 ka Aankho dekha haal.Aap Email deejiyevhsmm Sabhi bataen ge..Thanxxxx

  43. HI SIR
    CONTACT= 08802824458

  44. Just want to say your article is as surprising.
    The clearness for your submit is simply nice and that i could think you are a professional on this subject.
    Well together with your permission let me to snatch your
    feed to keep up to date with drawing close post. Thank you a
    million and please carry on the rewarding work.

  45. Sir, i am 19yr 7 month old and i want to give an acting audition under you for any of your upcoming projects…. Sir please consider me….. If you or any of your assistant visits your site then please inform me…

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